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We are in the midst of the Covid-19 Virus outbreak that may make you think the whole concept of decorating for easter is completely ridiculous and some what irrelevant, however in this time when we are confined to our homes and not able to celebrate easter in the usual way we would (i.e. with friends and family), why don't we use some of our engird and focus on how we can make new family traditions and special memories throughout the easter season. 


The biggest tradition we celebrate as a family is over the dinner table, so we're going to start there. Our new easter range is primarily designed around how we can make the dinner table unique and fun for the whole family. 

Personalised easter table decorations with a wooden bunny napkin ring

1. One of the easiest ways to decorate your easter table, would be to start at the place settings. Yes ok, you wouldn't usually dedicate a seat to your family members, however when you are trying to celebrate a occasion or make a event fancy, why not add personalised elements to mark each persons plate? A cute bunny napkin ring perhaps? Or maybe even a personalised tag, themed around the occasion?

2. Your next step, would be to look at what you have in the middle of your table. Growing up, my mum would always have a little basket in the middle filled with mini eggs and those little fluffy chicks you always find in the shops this time of year. You could try a paper table runner, that you can write and draw on or perhaps a vase filled with your favourite flowers, have some fun with it. Use the middle of your table to set the scene, think about the colour scheme you would like and stick to those colours!

3. Its cake time! How do you decorate your easter cake? Using a simple cake topper takes all the stress out of decorating and finishing your cake, or adds a unique element if you buy your cake in. We have a variety of cake toppers perfect for the easter season.

4. Go on a Easter egg hunt! Fun for all the family and creates a day to remember, hide eggs around the house or garden and give your little ones a basket to go around and collect them all. A fun and easy activity with very limited prep. 

The most important thing to remember when planning your Easter Day is have fun and remember why you are celebrating! Even if we can't be with family and friends we can create these memories at home without any distractions this year.



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