Hello, we are the husband and wife team behind Birch and Tides. We have two gorgeous boys who are both still home with Bethan through the day, so B&T is a full family affair!
Birch and Tides was born is 2018, we had a 1 1/2 year old and just found out we had our second on the way, and had just moved house, so proberly the worst time to focus on a business. However, Bethan knew she wanted to work from home and watch the little ones grow so once we had saved up enough money to buy a laser cutter, we did!
Bethan was already running a successful stationery and invitation company, so the cutter initially was to support and expand her business. However with the added capabilities we soon branched out and created Birch and Tides.
We have not looked back since, two years on and we have upgraded our machine and expanded our range. 
We work out of our West Midlands home, looking after the boys alongside running a full time business can be hard work, but we wouldn't change it for anything!

Our little helpers are one of the main sources of inspiration for our designs, we love creating personalised products to help celebrate and mark those big (and small) milestones. We have made many a cake now with custom toppers requested by our three year old!
Another inspiration is our Christian faith, we love being able to combine our faith and our work. 

By designing modern and beautiful signs and homeware that celebrates the life giving truth of the Gospel!
-.Do you offer free shipping?
Yes! All our UK orders OVER £30 are shipped free of charge! (Unless you would like upgraded shipping)

-What is your turnaround time?
We aim to make and dispatch all orders 3-10 working days.

-Can you track my order?
We can only track orders with upraded shipping, if you have chosen tracked shipping then we can give you a trackin number. If you opted for first class shipping then we can not track your order once its left.

-How long does delivery take?
Delivery depends on where you live and any postal delays taking place. Usually 1st class take 1-2 working days.

-Do you offer collection?
Yes, if you are in the local area we do offer local delivery drop off or collection, simply get in touch to find out more.

-What is your packaging like?
We take great care to protect and pack our products using recyclable or bioderadable materials only. There is no plastic in any of our packing products, including our tape. We use tissue paper to wrap our products, then either wood wool or paper bubble comb to wrap our signs, before packing inside a box. 

-Do you include prices in orders?
No, all our products are sent without paper work so if you are sending as a gift, no prices will appear!

-Can I add a note to my order?
Yes, we can include notes in all our orders, we have a blank patterned card that we add notes into to add that special touch!

-Where does your name come from?
We get a lot of questions about where our name has come from, so we figure we should answer that before we go any further. Simply put, we live by the sea and the majority of our products are made using our preferred wood of birch ply. 
So we simply combined the two! 

- What do you do?
We create special keepsakes and signs designed to help you celebrate the little moments in life, whether thats a birthday or a wedding or simply bringing joy into your home.

Why do we love personalised gifts?

We have a little tradition in our family, where for Christmas we always try and find or make personalised gifts for family and friends.There's nothing better than sending your loved one a carefully thought out gift, chosen and personalised just for them. We design the types of gifts which will bring smiles for years to come and become a special keepsake that they will treasure forever.